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Carbon's Golden Malted Crepe Flour Mix - Complete Mix - Just Add Water

Golden Malted Crepe Mix makes light and thin crepes for your lavish breakfasts! by just adding plain water to it. Your thin soft crepes will be ready in seconds...

Mix up your breakfast routine and enjoy some crepes for a change. Fill 'em with your favourite jam or simply pour maple syrup over them and dust with powdered sugar or just put some yummy berries and banana. Yum!

1 Packet ( 1 X 1.36 Kg )
AED 57.75/- Inclusive of VAT 

One pack Golden Malted Crepe Mix weight 1.36 Kg
- One pack of crepe mix prepare up to 20 crepes - 3 AED per crepe (excluding your toppings)

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