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Slush Machine - 2 Compartment

Slush Machine - 2 Compartment (Full Machine)

Ideal for customers who wants cutting-edge design and Powerful performance, World-Class technology for a perfect slush.

Perfect Mix
Its asymmetric bowls which consist of two different areas not only ensure a better mixing but also avoids the formation of ice crystals generating an ideal consistency.

Easy to Serve, Easy to clean
The ergonomic Push & Pull tap ensures easy dispensing in two different ways. Remove it with just one hand and save time by avoiding disassemble all components for cleaning.

Show and Boost Sales
Expose your product in movement through the transparent bowl and highlight it thanks to LED lightened cover. Draw client’s attention to enhance impulse buying.

Smart Control, Save Power
Mechanical controls with temperature display and maintenance mode not only to save electricity during off hours but also to sell refreshing cold beverages such as fruit juice, lemonade, etc.

Fast Freeze Technology
Cuts down on product preparation times considerably, making this the ideal model for premises whose fast turnover in the sale of slush

Set Slush Consistency
Only turn the part, adapt it to your style and offer the best slush.

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AED 9,500/- 
Inclusive of VAT